Monday, November 9, 2009

Three The Hard Way Review by Cleon T. Day

Three The Hard Way (3THW) by new author Brian L. Banks is a lot of drama, but in a good way. Most of us who are gay know that this lifestyle has a lot of drama whether you’re in the mix or outside of it. What’s fascinating about 3THW is how the story unfolds. First, Mr. Banks wants you to know who his three main partners in crime are (Darius, Kurtis and Theo). He introduces them in separate chapters at the beginning so you can get a sense of each personality.

After you get to know a little something about the each of the men, we get a chance to see how they came to know each other. He prepares you with the central theme it seems in the Gay community, going out. What I found interesting as a city boi here in the ATL is the storyline taking place in Little Rock, Arkansas. I didn’t know Gay Black people had a Black Gay community there. I thought only big cities had it going on, then again this is fiction or is it….

As you read, a number of things will become familiar to you, the bar scene, flirtations, one night-stands, “so-call” boyfriends, exes, cheating, lying, backstabbing and of course, sex. By the title of the book and the book cover, you know there had to be sex. Although there are “scenes” in the story, the book title and sexy bodies on the cover might lead you to believe that it was some heavy sex going on. However when it shows up it’s done just as politely as if it was unfolding in front of your eyes.

One thing that I like about the book was it felt like I knew these characters and their life situations. Anyone of us could put ourselves in any one of these stories. Three The Hard Way is about how three people come together, their friends and their lovers, past, present and future. You might have noticed that I have not shared anything of the storyline and that was intentional. 3THW is a story that needs to unfold before your eyes. It’s like a soap opera with a number of twists, surprises and the plot thickens.

I don’t want to give anything away but there’s a secret or a number of secrets that are introduced near the beginning, but you really don’t find out until all hell breaks loose. New and former relationships with lovers are tested as well as friendships. Issues of trust come into play with both. As 3THW is unraveling you will find yourself in it if you have ever been in love and wanted it to work out and finding it’s not so easy.

Three The Hard Way is an easy read, however the challenge for me and maybe some of you is keeping up with who’s with who. Of course the three main characters Darius, Kurtis and Theo have friends and relations interwoven into their lives. It trying to remember at times the connections between the characters as the storylines became more involved. Never the less it wasn’t crucial to the story to have to flip back to the former pages. For those of you who like storylines with a number of twists and plots, Three The Hard Way is packed with the drama, suspense and secrets revealed.

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